18 tips on How to promote a new Facebook application

18 tips on How to promote a new Facebook application


1. The more specific your objective(s) the better.
Some objectives options are:
  • Are you building an app to sell more of a specific product? Specificy which product and the exact quantities you are expecting to convert.
  • Are you building an app to get people to visit your website and find out more about you products and services. Specify how many website visits you are expecting from the app.
  • Are you building an app to make new consumers aware of your product or services. Specify how many consumers you want people to interact with your app.


2. Make a competition or contest for your target market to decide what and how they want an application to be and work. Same users to be able to vote for the best creative idea. This will ensure your app when launched already have a fan base. 


3. Make one of the application main features to engage other friends into the use of the application. If friends do not play with the app the experience is not as great. Examples: Pringles island party application :friends are invited to win a party in an island. 

4. Ensure your application offers a custom result that users are happy to share and/or show off. this will totally give a viral effect and will make the application to be used by more people. Examples: Pringles Conga Facebook app: users upload a photo of them so the end result is customised. 

5. Add sharable options at the end of the application. Share on twitter/facebook/email..make sure the sharable options and not boring copy but cool call to actions and have the same tone, look and feel as the facebook application. 


6. Submit it to the Facebook apps directory AND facebook developers blog/forum. They will for sure be interested on what you have build, play with it (test it) and recommend it to people. 

7. Create a Facebook ad campaign targeting the people you want to use the facebook application. They might click on your ad, run the application and promote the facebook application to friends/family members. 

8. Create a consistent promotion calendar. Specify days you will be promoting and reminding people about the app. You can use your brands other digital media assets: Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, Brick and Mortars (stores - if you have any) and any events (events are fantastic places to launch your new app - ensure you invite key media editors and bloggers to your event).

9. Create a case study about how you build the app and the results you have had in the first couple of weeks and share it with the digital media industry: Digital Buzz website, Springwise, others.

10. Reach popular and influential Facebook profiles. Send it to facebook profiles with more than 2000 friends and give them some giveaways for sharing the app on Facebook. 

10. Contact key bloggers to review the app and talk about it on their blogs/tweeter/facebook accounts. 

11. Promote the app on key pages of your website: Homepage,  "Thank you" pages and e-newsletter. 

12. Make a competition for the first 100 people to use the app and share it with friends on facebook to win something cool/relevant. 

13. Publish a media release about the new brands Facebook app. Ensure you include the app url address. 

14. Get celebrities (at least one relevant) to endorse the app and Tweet/Facebook about it. 

15. Allow users to provide feedback about new features so you know how to improve it and get more users to the app. 

16. Promote it in your Facebook page: in the cover photo, wall post. You can also  publish  a poll about it. 

17. Send the app url address to providers and partner companies so they can also promote it to their staff in their e-newsletters. 

18. Make a video about your app ( the story, behind the scenes, how it was built, why it was build, what the benefit is, etc), upload it into your youtube channel so users can embed the video on their own sites and blogs….bringing extra free promotion to your Facebook application. 

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