Buying Facebook "Likes" for the sake of having more Likes! Think twice!

A client of mine received the below email the other day and asked me what my thoughts were.

A provider was selling him 600 "Likes" for $60 dollars. I confirmed that was a ripped off as he could get 1500 Facebook "Likes" for $1 dollar!

Business that buy Facebook "Likes" instead of generating genuine connections are making a fatal deadly mistake. 


  • You are supporting a massive network of black hat social media companies.
  • You are screwing up your "Fan to Buyer" conversions as they more fakes you add the lower your conversion rates will be.
  • You are open the door of your Facebook page for randoms to like, comment on your page who will never buy!
  • You will de-value the key reason genuine followers follow your FB tribe. Instead of making it unique and special, it will become that average FB page, the same as your average social media strategies.
  • Nick Grey from Nickgreylinks will keep sending you spam!! and possibly if you respond to him, he might get all your signature details and might sell your contacts too :)

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