ebay Australia launches "Buying Guides" today! What's the opportunity?

E-newsletter sent to Ebay members on 16 August 2013
eDigital Review - New ebay Australia Buying Guides

Quite interesting that after writing last night my only article about ebay Australia Social Media Strategy keynote presentation at Illawarra Digital 2013, I woke up today with the above e-newsletter in my inbox.

I remember the "Buying Guides" topic was mentioned but was not quite sure when the buying guides functionality on ebay Australia website was going to be live. 

Well, it is live now and anyone who is a member can start creating their own buying guides for other ebay members to read. 

Benefits for ebay Sellers
  • Another way to generate traffic to their product pages and ebay shop.
  • Position sellers as experts ( if they create compelling buying guides - Some seen today look horrible!)
Benefits for ebay users
  • Have some advice and tips pre-purchase.
Benefits for ebay Australia
  • Fresh, unique and powerful SEO content that search engines (Google) might start crawling, indexing and giving top SERP's.

ebay Australia Buying Guides - How they look

Not that great as they are not polished or curated by someone internally at ebay. This means any user can create and launch a "Buying Guide". In the example below there is no images, no videos, no subtitles or any clue that is SEO optimised from a content perspective.

ebay Australia Buying Guides - Back End

  • Just a plain WYSIWYG. I would have expected a video tour to let users know how to use the WYSIWYG
  • If you want to add an image of a product that you as a seller already have on one of your ebay listings you cannot easily add it. You have to upload the image from your computer. That's silly!
  • No tips on how to write a killer buying guide. After browsing many guides you start seeing so many inconsistencies in term of style and form.
  • No tips on how to make it SEO friendly. 
  • No option of embedding video using Internet Explorer (bug)
  • No tips to write killer call to actions.

Letting people write any sort of "buying guide" might give ebay Australia a traffic boost but it might need some sort of structure in place to ensure quality, readiness and engagement.


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