EBAY Australia Social Media Manager Presentation - Take Aways @ Illawarra Digital

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I went down to Illawara Digital event at Wollongong, NSW, Australia on the 24 of July 2013 to listen Daniel Young - Social Media and Content Leader for Ebay Australia.

Daniel's key note was my favourite of all presentations and some of the key take aways were:
Daniel Young - Ebay Australia - Social Media
Daniel Young - Social Media and Content Lead - Ebay Australia

  • Having a mobile optimised website is possibly more important than doing social media. Get the basics right first.
  • 7 million visitors a month to Ebay Australia.
  • 84% of products are new products and just 16% are second hand
  • Mobile traffic is a key player on Ebay Australia strategy. Ebay Australia Mobile traffic already accounts for 53% of total traffic.
  • Customisation is key: Ebay presents products that shoppers are interested on.
  • Ebay market positioning between: Amazon (Utility) and Pinterest/Etsy (Engagement).
  • Ebay Australia key Social Media objective: Sharing products and stories; advocacy.
  • Create and publish great stories to inspire shoppers as the key of Ebay Australia Social Strategy.
  • Ebay Australia key consumer segments where they are currently focusing on: Mums and Fashion (Fashion Gallery launched mid 2012) with over 60 retailers signed up for the fashion gallery.
  • Ebay Australia is also working with bloggers and trend setters to get people share great stories and products.
Other Tips from Daniel to companies doing social media:
  • Have a clear objective.
  • Better to concentrate on one social channel and be deep than having many social channels and being thin.
  • Identify your value proposition and promote it well.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Do not expect immediate results
  • Great Case study: Black Milk (Brisbane) No traditional marketing, just use of Social Media with fantastic content.
    Black milk Clothing homepage - Social Media is the only driver of engagement and sales
We are Social is the current Social Media Agency for Ebay Australia.


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