The Disco Pants Strategy for your Website

A few weeks ago I found some pretty cool green pants at Topmen store in Sydney. Some friends were playing around with the idea that I should also wear some flashy silver disco pants one day.

Well, according to Betabrand online retailer, their most popular product are this silver flashy Disco Pants their customers love!!.

Checking their website and and interview with the Betabrand founder, I filtered what I today called "The thee Disco Pants Strategy Wins" for your website:
  • Offer something that produce a cultural movement!
  • Let users really own a piece of your website ( read below how).
  • Believe that crazy odd thing sells and can sells millions!
ahh and dot put those dirty disco boots on top of my "Burning Man" leather seat.

The brand: Betabrand, Online Retailer, Clothing and apparel.

The Product: Disco pants.

The "Model citizen" product pages allow customers to be the centre piece of a product page. Instead of having one standard product page, Betabrand allows for thousands of multiple product pages curated by users. This results on people sharing and uploading far more content than traditional product pages.

"Why does there just have to be a single Disco Pants page? What if there were 1,000 Disco Pants pages, and each one was headlined by whoever uploaded the most recent photo? When our Model Citizens share that page with their friends and family, they’re the lead model on our site. What we did was create a hack that enabled people to insert themselves as image number one in the gallery, and then that unique URL was something they could share with their friends and family.". Chris Lindland, Betabrand founder.

Betabrand - Disco Pants Product page
The technical Specs

You are not into Disco Pants...
What about those awesome Banana pocket ones...


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