Tips from Nick Boshier - Creator of Beached az bro! & Bondi Hipsters - Youtube videos

Last thursday I had the pleasure to assist to  Engine Room's (Co-working space) Digital Freelancers session - @ Chippendale, Sydney. Australia.

Nicholas Boshier  - Creator of Beached az bro! (Beached Whale), Trent from Punchy & Bondi Hipsters - Viral and popular Youtube videos was one of the keynote speakers and here I would like to share his tips for digital content creation.
Nicholas Boshier @ Engine Room Presentation
  • Create simple stuff - do not complicate it.
  • You never know what's gonna hit but some key elements normally work: needs to be easy to watch, short version, colorful colours, able to watch on your iphone.
  • Needs to be sharable (make something that people want to share - advocacy). Give it away - Free.
  • Youtube is hungry for cool and unique content and they are very supportive with new content creation ideas. 
  • Youtube can also help your content to be partner with specific brands.
  • Do not wait for perfection. Create and launch quick, if something bites then you build around it.
  • Visit, watch and use all the tips given on Youtube's Playbook website for content creators. 
  • You need to have a constant desire to push stuff out.
  • Be willing to suck up, to be bad and learn from mistakes. Next time you will do it better.
Beached Whale - Beach az bro video (7 million views - not bad bro!)

  • Idea got created with $16 dollars and coffee. Very simple creation.
  • Whether you are a creator or not, you have access to a massive audience via Youtube.
  • Cafe Press allowed them to sell Promotional staff including a Beached az bro g-string!
  • Supre approached them and they wanted to do a Beached az t-shirt and as soon as they started selling t-shirt via Supre the Beach az concept worked and sold thousands of t-shirts.
  • Then, ABC (Australian tv channel) came in and wanted to expand the concept with some TV series (episodes).

Trent from Punchy (over a hundred thousand Facebook fans)

  • Got offered a featured film that possibly will be done 2014.
  • Raised part of the money as a Crowdfunded.
  • Trent from Punchy was just an experiment that become so popular.
Bondi Hipsters Youtube episodes & The life organic video

  • Bondi Hipsters idea coming from Christian who was sick during some months.
  • One episode a week for a year.
  • Turn down any sponsorship. They just wanted to build the audience.
  • Sold episodes to ABC.
  • TV channels are so hungry for content.
  • Merchandise line coming up
  • Bondi Hipsters tour coming up at festivals.


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