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Designing Data Science - Conversation with Shruti Shetty

I met Shruti Shetty,Art Director at Adrenalin Media at conference in Sydney few months ago. Shruti kindly agreed to answer some of my questions in regards to Design and Data Science. Answers below. Mauricio: Why your passion for Design and Data Science? Shruti: Design has gone through quite a silent transformation over the years. The canvas, the technology, the aesthetics have all evolved significantly. Now more so than ever I think, design plays a very central role in tying all these changing features and packaging them for experience. Moving into the new age of the Data Economy, made me look and explore this new and next avenue that will impact design in the coming few years. This lead me to Data Science. M: Data Science brings insights from analysing data sets. Design can then help present those insights on ways they are easily understood but also engaging and interactive. As a result, those new insights or findings from data sets can highly resonate with that correct? S…

User Experience Design Class @ General Assembly Oct 22th 2013

Get your objectives right, map your user journey, involved your content strategist and test!, test! test!