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KEY INTAKES FROM "Leading the Starbucks Way" SEMINAR - Australian Business Women's Network

KEY INTAKES FROM "Leading  the Starbucks Way" WEBINAR - Joseph A. Michelli brought by the Australian Business Women Network.
I do not personally would buy a coffee from Starbucks as Americans have no idea about coffee but it was interesting to participate on this seminar and get some great intakes that any other brands might be able to apply on their businesses.
MY PERSONAL TAKE AWAYS FROM THIS SEMINAR PEOPLE. Employ people who genuinely have a passion for the product and great affinity to it. Once you get the right people, the experience for the customer will be far richer.PRODUCT. Keep the basic right. Before anything else is the "Coffee". Train your employees to know all the process of developing your product. In the Startbucks culture, the baristas should feel they cannot let down the amazing process to get a coffee bean on their machines.PROCESSES. Great organisations create repeatable processes that allow people to be great at their jobs. I d…

eDigital at NSW Open Data Forum November 2013

eDigital assisted to the NSW Goverment Open Data Forum on Monday 11th November 2013.

Andrew Constance, Minister for Finance and Services presented the new NSW Open Data Policywhich helps facilitate the implementation of best practice open data principles across the NSW
public sector.

Key note speakers included John MacMillan AO, Australian Information Commissioner, OAIC and Elizabeth Coombs, NSW Privacy Commissioner.

Interesting findings:
Apps 4 NSW: apps4nsw is the first State Government apps competition in Australia. The objective of the apps4nsw competition is to capture innovative ideas using public sector information and data that are useful to the people of NSW.GovHack:Gov Hack Day in Sydney was held in May 2013 were hundreds of hackers joint together to form teams and work together to create best new mash ups, data visualisations and apps with Government data. It is expected for another Hack day to happen next year.
Australia Government spend 51 million dollars a year on a Conti…