CHOICE OVERLOAD! - Killing to death your customers with too much variety - Find out more...

Photo from University of Pensilvania - Wharton University Marketing Course

An interesting topic we covered today at Wharton University Marketing course I am doing this year, is choice overload and how to solve it.
To make the lecture is fine if if your business offer a lot of variety as long as:
  • All the variety it is organised and easy to be recognised by users.
  • You offer attribute filtering visual clues/functionality for customers to easily find what they want.
  • Variety brings attraction. Some interesting studies done in America that confirm this.
  • Ensure when listing your products or services, users can filter products by different type of attributes. You might want to ensure the default one is the most popular attribute. Let's say you have a bottle shop specialized in wine, you might want to organize all wine by grape type, instead of region if that's the way people tend to choose wine. In fashion websites for example, "colour" or 'size" attribute might a really important attribute you cannot miss.
I still see a lot of websites where product attributes filtering have not fully been planned and executed, leaving visitors the feeling of choice overload and if that happens sometimes users choice not to choose and go somewhere else. If you are a unique player they might put up with it as there might not be other options but if you are not, you will be loosing conversions.


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