Ready to send a Christmas e-newsletter? Do anything but this

More than 15 years have passed since the first attempts of email marketing and still many companies does not want to invest the time into creating and publishing compelling email pieces.

Remember that your customers who receive your email marketing campaigns will evaluate your service or products according to the perception of how nice your communication is.

This means if your communication is "average", they will perceive your service or products are the same.

Above is an example of an e-newsletter I received today. An example of what NOT to do when doing email marketing.
  • Two column layout full of text. (We've been saying for more than 10 years, people do not read online, they quickly scan for key information).
  • No customer segmentation (seems the same e-newsletter got sent to all partners, clients, providers, etc) and no customization (no recipient name).
  • Nothing for the reader. This e-newsletter focus all the attention about them. NOTHING about information that benefits the reader.
  • Not a punchy, attractive subject line and email title ( I wonder what their Average Open rate is)
  • No compelling, attractive visual clues (no amazing images) You need to add images that you genuinely believe people will at least add in a Pinterest board or better share with their friends.
  • No use of dot points or short punchy lines. 
  • No call to actions to visit the sender website. Yes, not even ONE!
  • As not even a link to sender website, no evidence in Google Analytics some traffic to your site was.
If you do not really have a compelling story to tell, you better off waiting until you have one or hire a Digital Marketing Consultant to help you find an attractive, compelling and unique one.


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