What Justine Sacco's tweet say about digital media consumption...

1. US readers and consumers of new media beg for stories they could feel expressions of hatred or love, even if they are coming for random people. Anything that is neutral or quiet average is not worth their attention. Would it better for them instead of plugging their heads to a digitalised feed, better experience the real world around them, the issues around their local communities and neighborhoods and be part of some positive change?

2. As a result of number 1, Digital Media Companies - such as Buzz Feed full of trolls and snitches - have created roles as boring as going through popular enterprises top executives' personal social media accounts and find first and publish anything that might create controversy, extreme love or hatred. The more popular high profile the person is and the quickest and exclusive it is found; the better.

3. As a result of number 2, instead of Media Companies using journalism resources (people, time, contact, knowledge and technology) creating compelling stories that we consumers/readers really care about or learn from; US consumers of digital media just rant about someone's tweet, make it a global issue and give it a Global Celebrity importance.

Was not anything really more important last Friday than that tweet from a random PR manager?

4. US citizens will have now to put up with this new 'famous" lady Justine Sacco possibly publishing a book about how she got fired from her job OR how her random flirts, make outs and one-night stands with white men proved her HIV protected  and the book to be promoted in every single book store, kmart, target and convenience store across US, OR possibly getting paid exclusive rights to document her private lifestyle via Celebrity Magazines, TV channels and who knows possibly an exclusive interview with Andrew Kaczynski. They might be able to set up a new PR news agency together!.
I can't wait to see on Etsy, Ebay or other online retailer selling shirts saying: "Going to another job. Hope I can tweet. Just kidding. I am Justine Sacco". with a ashamed face of a blond looking woman.

5. It demonstrates lack of loyalty and support from some US companies to talent building and retention. IAC (Justine Sacco's employer) stated that what Justine Sacco wrote on her twitter account was not part of the companies' values and sacked her. An employee makes mess it up in public and her company's strategy is to blame the employee and sacked her.

Don't companies frequently execute actions that its employees might consider them not part of their core values but still its employees - at their best - get them fixed and move on? Would it have been better for IAC to show their support to Justine Sacco mistakes/mess ups and try to find better solutions than sacking her? Possibly not, but what my gut feeling tells me is some people would think twice when having IAC as a company's choice to work for.

I am glad some humans with better things to read and follow are not tramped into this US broken Digital Media "manure type" journalism.

As some top executive might - one day - phrase it:
"Going to Australia. Hope I do not get imprisioned. I am white, not aboriginal"
Buzz Feed: No-one has said the above. Do not get too excited.


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