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How to quickly invite all your Facebook friends to like a Facebook page - Tip and trick

Recently we wrote an article on how to invite your Facebook friends to a Facebook event. However, sometimes you might also want to invite your thousands Facebook friends to "Like" a Facebook page but you do not have the time to manually select (tick) all those little boxes next to your friends names when inviting them to "Like" a Facebook page.


There use to be a way of copying and pastying a code on Chome or Firefox console but I would NOT recommend it any longer.

I have done some tests today Wednesday, March 26th 2014 and NONE of the codes offered do the work. Possibly people were taking too much advantage of it.

Some of the codes found on some webpages are actually SCAMS using your Facebook account to send invites to other pages.

In my tests today, for example, I use this long code given in this page  ( and it sent an invitation to all my Faceboook friends to like "MUKUFANIA.COM" which is obvio…

Content Strategy Success in 5 steps.

We at eDigital, we are advocates of Content Strategy for many years.  Content and personal experiences are the best way to:
Create relationships with customersBe able to have a compelling argument to take our customers time.Optimise all our communication results. With proper content, your brand will be able to generate visits, commentary and shares as no other medium can. Today, browsing SlideShares presentations related to Content Strategy, we found the below which can give you a basic start for your content strategy. Together London Principal, Jonathan Kahn, presentation. Article from Shelly Bowen .
Content Strategy Success in 5 steps. You START with your business goals and objectives. TALK about these goals with your content strategist. Your content strategist will then oversee this process:
Content Audit: This is to discover what content you already have. This is usually content that’s live online, but can cover other types of content, such as print brochures and whitepapers.